Casino bonus

casino bonusA casino bonus can help you stretch your casino bank roll and tie you over rough patches when your gambling budget would otherwise be depleted. A casino bonus can also allow you to be more bold and make bigger and more risky wagers than you would normally do. However, not all casino bonus offers were created equals. Some are quite generous while others are sub standard or even outright bad for the player. It is always important to check the fine print before you accept any casino bonus, “risk free bet” or free spin offer. Many complaints from casino gamblers online stems from the fact that they accepted a casino bonus without understanding the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Here are a few questions the needs to be answered before I accept any casino bonus.

Is there a deposit requirement to get the bonus?

The most common type of casino bonus is the one that’s linked to a deposit. To put it simply, you make a deposit first and then you get the bonus. The size of the bonus is usually linked to the size of your deposit, e.g. 50% the size of your deposit or 200% the size of your deposit. Normally, there will also be an upper limit, e.g. max bonus €250.

A casino bonus that is not tied to a deposit is usually called a free casino bonus or a no deposit casino bonus. These bonuses tend to be smaller, e.g. €10 or €25. They are often given as a welcome gift when you sign up with a casino, before you have made your 1st deposit. The idea is to give you a chance to gamble a bit before you decide if you want to make a deposit. A good list of casinos with no deposit bonus offers can be found at

Is there a deposit requirement that must be fulfilled before I can make a withdrawal?

bonusSometimes you need to make a deposit before you can withdraw anything from your account after accepting a casino bonus. This rule is especially common for no deposit bonus offers.

Example: You sign-up with a new casino and receive a €25 no deposit bonus. You wager it in the casino and manage to double it. You now have €50 sitting in your casino account. You try to withdraw them, only to find out that the T&C’s of the no deposit bonus require you to make a €100 deposit before you can make any withdrawal from your casino account.

Is there a wager requirement for the bonus money?

Casinos don’t like people that just receive a bonus and withdraws it right away. They want you to play for your bonus money. To prevent people from withdrawing the bonus money right a way, several different methods are employed. One method is of course to make the bonus money non-withdrawable. With this solution, you can withdraw any winnings, but you can not withdraw the bonus it self.

A more common solution when it comes to casino bonus offers is to apply a wager requirement to the bonus. This means that you need to wager your bonus a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it, or any of the winnings. In some casinos, you’re entire casino account will freeze until you reach the wager requirement, so you won’t even be allowed to take out the money you had in your account before you accepted the bonus.

It is important to check the fine print for wager requirements, because different casinos have different policies. For instance, some casinos will only apply the wager requirement to the bonus money, while other casinos will apply it to you deposit + the bonus money.

Example A: You make a €100 deposit and get a 200% bonus (i.e. €200). The wager requirement is 20x and it applies to the bonus money only. You must now wager €200 x 20 = €4,000 to fulfill the wager requirement.

Example B: You make a €100 deposit and get a 200% bonus (i.e. €200). The wager requirement is 20x and it applies to the bonus money + your deposit. (€100 + €200) x 20 = €6,000. You must now wager €6,000 to fulfill the wager requirement.

Is there a wager requirements on winnings?

Sometimes, there will be a wager requirement on winnings. This is not very common for winnings generated by a casino bonus, but it is very common for winnings that hail from free spins.

A wager requirement on winnings can be difficult to fulfill if you win bing. Sometimes you see free spins being handed out for slots with huge jackpots. If you win a €1 million jackpot with a 20x wager requirement on winnings, what will you do?

What happens if I ask for a withdrawal prematurely?

So, exactly what does the wager requirement entail? This varies from one casino to another.

In some casino, you can quite easily make a withdrawal without fulfilling the wager requirement first, but it will cause you to lose your bonus. The bonus amount will simply be deducted from your account as your withdrawal is processed. Sometimes winnings are deducted as well, if they are seen as pertaining to the forfeited bonus.

In other casinos, you must first contact the customer support at tell them that you want to make a withdrawal even though you haven’t fulfilled the wager requirement, so that they can arrange a withdrawal for you. It will usually mean that you lose at least a part of your bonus and winnings.

Is there a limit for how much I can win?

Sometimes there is a limit to how much you can win when wagering bonus money. This rule is unusual, but I do sometimes see it for no deposit bonus offers. It might be in the form of a ceiling (e.g. max win €10,000 before your 1st deposit) or by simply disqualifying you from certain wins (e.g. no progressive jackpots available when wagering bonus money).