Choosing a Poker Room

full tiltChoosing a poker room is a very important decision that will affect your future as a poker player. It is a much more important decision than deciding which casino to play in or at what sports book to place your bet. The truth is that many online casinos offer games from the same software developer and a very similar experience. The difference between different sport books are a little bit bigger but most of them offer a similar selections of events to gamble on and similar odds. Which sports book you chose to play with will not have a large effect on your betting unless you want to bet on a less popular sport.

Poker rooms are different. The most important quality of a poker room is not the software nor the games they offer. The most important quality a poker room can offer is their player base. When you play odds or casino you will not play against anyone else. When you play poker you will play against other players. It is very important to choose a poker room with a large selection of players. A poker room that offer you suitable tables to play at 24 hours a day. Poker rooms that offer a lot of other beginner players to play against. Some poker rooms offer special tables for new player so that you can get started without having to play against more seasoned skilled players. That gives you a chance to build your bankroll a little before you have to start playing with the bigger fish.

poker starsIt is often said that you should look for a poker room with as many players as possible. This is to simplify things a little too much. The total numbers of players is just one factor of many that you should consider. You should also consider how many of those players that play the type of poker you want to play and at what stakes those players are playing. Some poker sites are known for tight play, others like Party Poker are known for very aggressive play. You should choose a site that offers a player base and style of play that suits you. Example of sites that offer a large pool of players to play against and that all are good choices include PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker and Betsson Poker.

The opposition that is available to play against is the second most important factor to consider when you choose a poker room. The most important thing to consider is whether the poker room offer the type of poker you want to play. This is seldom a problem if you want to play Texas holdém but can be a problem if you want to play a less popular game such as Badugi or Razz.

There are a number of other less important factors that you should consider before you make your final decision to start playing in a new poker room. Some of the factors you should consider include:

  • 888Banking Options: Does the poker room make it easy to deposit and withdraw money. Look at what banking options they offer and if any of them suit your banking needs. Make sure that the poker room makes it possible to deposit and withdraw money quickly and effectively. VISA is usually a good option for many players. VISA can usually be used to both deposit and withdraw money.
  • Software: Does the poker room has a well designed software that offer the features you need. Is the software stable and reliable or does it have tendencies to loose the connection. A stable software that doesn’t loose its connection is very important. It can become very expensive if the software freezes at the wrong time in the middle of the hand. Make sure that the software is suitable for multi table play. If you start playing a lot you are likely to start playing several poker tables at the same time while grinding to grow your bankroll.
  • VIP club: Does the poker room offer a good loyalty program where they reward their players. Do they offer a rake back program. ‘
  • Bonus: Does the site offer a generous bonus. A generous bonus is a nice perk but should never be the deciding factor that decides which poker room you are going to play in.
  • Mobile gaming: Does the poker room offer you to play poker in your cell phone.