Free poker

Most poker rooms makes it possible to play poker for free. Playing poker for free is a  good way to learn how to play poker. To get a feel for the cards and to learn to quickly and skillful calculate the odds. There are some drawbacks to playing free poker when you are trying to learn poker. And if you have the means it can be a better choice to play low stakes poker instead of free poker when you try to learn how to become a successful poker player. We will take a closer look at the drawbacks of free poker further down in the article. Lets start by looking at how and where you can play free poker.

Most poker rooms offer two different ways that you can play free poker . Play money and free rolls.

Free rolls

free pokerFree rolls are tournaments that are free to enter. They are usually multi table tournaments. Free roll tournaments often give you a chance to win real money and can be an excellent way to start building a bank roll without having to deposit any money to your account. Most free rolls only offer a small prize pool put it is not uncommon that poker rooms offer weekly free rolls with 1000$ or more in the prize pool. These tournaments often attracts a lot of players and it can be hard to win them. If you are skilled and lucky enough to win they can give you a nice addition to your bank roll.

It is possible to win money and start building a bank roll from scratch using free rolls. It does however take time and require a lot of patience. We recommend making a small deposit to speed up the process. A deposit as small as 10$ can allow you to start playing at micro cap tables and can considerable speed up the process. You can still choose to play free rolls with a large prize pools to maximize your chances to build your bank roll as quickly as possible.

Many free rolls are satellites where you can win tickets to other tournaments. The tickets that you win can often be redeemed for money by canceling your registration to a tournament. This is an excellent hack to allow you to grow your bankroll quicker because it is often easier to win these tickets than it is to win money. This is due to these tournaments attracting fewer players..

Play Money

When you log in into your account at a poker room you will usually see two different balances. Your real money balance and your play money balance. When you first register your real account balance will be zero but the play money balance will often be 20 000 or more. The play money can be used to play on play money tables just the same way regular money is used on the regular tables. The play money tables work just the same way as regular tables. The only difference is that it is virtual not real money that changes hand during each hand. The fact that the poker room keep a record of your play money balance means that it is possible to keep track on how well or poorly you are doing when playing at the play money table. If your balance is growing you are doing well and if it is sinking you are doing poorly.

If you loose all or almost all of your play money you can contact customer service to get new play money. The play money is an excellent way to build experience but does not really prepare you for real money play. It does however give you time to learn to quickly see which hands might potentially be out there and what the pot odds are.

Below we are going to take a closer look at free poker and why playing with play money don’t prepare you for playing with real money.

The problem with free play

poker tournament

Tournaments make it possible to win big money. It is possible to play for free and win tickets to big tournaments such as WSOP.

The problem with free play is that it is free. Most players at the free poker tables do not take it seriously because they do not risk loosing real money. They do not care whether they win or loose and play a lot more aggressively than they would if they played using real money. This makes free poker significantly different from real poker.

It is very easy to believe that you are great at poker because you are winning a lot when you play free poker only to loose a lot of money when you start playing using real money. Once you are playing for real money, even at micro cap tables, you will find that the players are playing a lot tighter than they did at the free tables. If they bet high they are usually not crazy. They usually have a good hand. The game becomes tighter the higher stakes you play at up to 2-4 tables. Once you pass this point the game usually starts to become more aggressive again and many players therefor find it very hard to develop as players beyond that level.

Do not believe that you are a great player just because you do well at the free tables and be ready to completely change your tactics once you start playing for real money. If you are not ready to adapt you will not do well in cash games.